Suddenly Liu Yuan heard a scream from the depths of the fog.
He and Tam glances without hesitation ran directly in the direction of bellow.
A few minutes later, Liu Yuan came to the screaming place.
Looking at the scene before Liu Yuan turned white.
See a bloody body lying in front of Liu Yuan.
The expression of that corpse remain the same as when it died.
Liu Yuanqiang endured discomfort and squatted to observe the cause of death of the body.
Soon Liu Yuan saw the fatal wound in the neck of the other party.
A dog bite directly broke the student’s trachea.
Not only that, there is a long trail of blood beside the student’s body.
Look, in that case, it should be this student’s pet beast that was dragged away at last.
Lu yuan doesn’t know what he has experienced, and it’s not white what he has met.
But Lu Yuan could feel the fear that he was experiencing at that time.
Looking at the desperate eyes of the body, Liu Yuan reached out to help each other cover their eyes.
Then he took out his student ID card from the other’s arms.
Yu Beast No.2 Middle School Su Wenhan’
Look at the green face opposite the student ID card.
Looking at the cold body in front of him, Liu Yuan once again felt the cruelty of the royal beast world.
This is the real world.
This is the law of the jungle world
No matter whether the secular is like rendering a pet animal, it is lovely and reliable.
But you have to know that there are still the same species as pet animals in this world, a fierce beast.
They have no ties with human beings, and human beings have no feelings.
For them, human beings are both prey and competitors.
Just because human beings are friends with fierce beasts does not mean that human beings and fierce beasts are friends.
Liu Yuan got up and took a deep look at the foot body.
The world is more dangerous than you think …’
Judging from the fact that the sneak attacker fled immediately when he rushed to him, the sneak attacker was not necessarily powerful.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have run away for that first time.
If I had arrived earlier, I might have been able to save the second middle school student.
But it’s too late to say anything now
Liu Yuan took the other tent out of the package and covered the body.
Although I really want to take the body back, I can’t protect myself.
Perhaps the only thing we can do is to try our best to keep this classmate’s body from being eaten by the surrounding fierce beasts.
Liu Yuan got up and looked around with cold eyes.
It seems that there is an unknown predator hidden in the thick fog.
"Tam, let’s get it … be careful."
The first battle camp war room
The sudden appearance of shakotan coast caused the battle camp to act immediately.
The original trial was also stopped, and all high-level officials got together to discuss, such as quickly solving the immediate secret situation and saving those who had strayed into it.

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