The bull’s head was beaten in vain by Ah Shui, and the first wave of blood exchange was small, and a bottle of medicine was directly lost. After playing Ephelius and Pig Sister, they were all full.
Although I wanted to swim when I was young, and I missed my old partner in my heart, how could he have been so angry before?
However, life will continue with the line, and Ah Shui has once again exerted a suppression effect. It is not surprising for the explanation and the audience because their eyes are attracted by the road-to-road fight.
Just like the analysis before the audience, it is better for the crocodile to fight Silas in the early stage. After all, Silas is still a fragile hero.
But I don’t know if the wolf is afraid to fight or deliberately choose to pay off the line. The crocodile actually gave up the line directly in the early stage and took the initiative to watch heshy fill the soldiers behind the line.
The wolf’s move directly set off the live barrage. Guan Zeyuan wanted to help him explain a few words, but the audience didn’t appreciate it.
"The wolf’s play is very steady and he didn’t fight Silas before. It is easier for him to put the line back in front of his tower."
Guan Zeyuan’s pale explanation makes one side remember that I don’t know how to answer the words, and I can laugh and be silent to deal with it.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s so steady. If you don’t know I’m still playing wolf, it’s Aon."
"There is a difference between a crocodile and Aon for a wolf. They are all beaten under pressure."
"I’ve been playing League of Legends for so long, and it’s the first time I’ve seen crocodiles behind the first level and watched others mend their knives."
"It’s true that normally it should be the crocodile mending the knife and looking behind the Silas line."
"Laugh to death, do you know what coercion is? This wave is the world’s first oppressive feeling. The wolf line smells hegemony and domineering."
On the live barrage, he complained that the wolf line was too steady. He seemed to hear the audience’s words. After eating the tower, a wave of soldiers rose to the second level. When the crocodile suddenly rushed forward and fought with heshy.
Crocodile secondary school E wanted to rush to consume a Silas blood volume, but it was unexpectedly interrupted by heshy Silas. Crocodile went back to the second stage E and was left to beat a set.
Silas kept beating crocodiles with chains in his hands, and soon he had the effect of a sign, and then a mouthful of W blood instantly rose.
A wave of blood-changed crocodiles lost to grandma’s house, but this wave of consumption of wolves is meaningful, because the blind monk has come to the half area at this time and is ready to catch it at any time
Obviously, just now, it was the wolf who had a wave of communication with Xiaolongbao. The crocodile consumed Silas’ blood first and then waited for the blind monk to catch it.
Although the consumption of wolves is not very successful, there is still a high probability that the blind monk will be able to kill the third-class crocodile and the blind monk will hurt Selagin.
But Xiaolongbao didn’t expect to wait until the red buff was ready to rush to the road. The opposite Xiaoleyan Jiaoyue also cleared the half-zone and the wild monster was approaching the half-zone.
On the ability to brush the wild, the blind monk is not faster than Kyoyue, because Xiaolongbao wants to be promoted to the third level, and the two sides have the same dynamic basis when the blind monk is on his way, so is Kyoyue.
Recently, Xiao Leyan has completely understood that Ning Wang had just rushed to the road after brushing the wild in the early stage of playing, and Xiao Leyan also knew that the probability of being caught in the early stage was very high
However, after this period, it is very difficult to catch heshy again with his strong alignment ability and development ability.
That is to say, Xiao Leyan must be able to ensure that heshy will not be caught in the early stage, so it will be too late to catch him even if he goes wild later.
It’s not only heshy, but also many singles. Once caught twice in the early stage, it will easily be snowballed.
However, once they reach the middle stage of development, it becomes difficult to catch them again. Only a few minutes before the critical period, many blue sheets would rather be suppressed in the early stage than be caught, which is the rule.
Suo Xiaoyue said that in recent competitions, the number of trips to the road has become more and more, especially when there are no dragons in the field, he will lean against the road.
If you look at Xiao Leyan’s recent wild hot spot map, you can find that there have been many red marks on the road that has been deserted before.
It is Xiao Leyan’s approach to the road that makes heshy play more comfortable recently, not only heshyRkie but also Ashui.
Compared with Ning Wang, Xiaoleyan Wild Area has a wider range of activities, which makes IG Road 3 be taken care of. Although Xiaoleyan is brushing wild, it will be hesitant to see his opponent in the opposite field of vision.
With the gradual integration of Xiao Leyan into the IG tactical body, the three lines of IG have become sharper. If IG was a road force in the former King Ning, then IG is the real meaning now, and the three roads go hand in hand.
Playing wild and coming online are complementary. If the scope of playing wild is large enough, the informant will become very comfortable.
Although Xiao Leyan has not been able to drive the three-way rhythm at present, it can make the IG three-way alignment sharper. Yun Ge is very satisfied.
Three-and-a-half minutes ago, the blind monk came to the road one step ahead of the moon, but at this point, the gap was not enough for the blind monk and crocodile to directly kill Silas.
In order to cooperate with the blind monk gank, the crocodile once again consumed heshy, but he left a little mind and didn’t show the skill of red anger W.
Seeing that the blind monk heshy did not choose to continue to fight with the crocodile, but kept retreating, but because the line of pressure was too deep, the rear of heshy was too big.
When the blind monk arrived at the designated position, the wolf suddenly flashed with force. wheshy tried his best to respond, but he wanted to move the first distance of E skill, but he was bitten by the crocodile.
The blind monk in Xiaolongbao didn’t hesitate to touch the eye Q and hit the blind monk who was stopped by the crocodile accurately. However, the blind monk planned to fly for the second period of Q, and heshy threw out the chain again.
"Oh, my God, the second paragraph E of heshy interrupted the blind monk’s Q skill. This exercise is so handsome."
Remember to exclaim, Silas, this exercise is very difficult. If you don’t enter the hand speed and reaction ability, you can never do this exercise.
"Xiao Le Yan Jiao Yue is supporting RNG Wild. Be careful. Keep calling. They may not be rivals."
Guan Zeyuan has turned his back on RNG’s team battle. After the blind monk and crocodile skills are finished, Silas still has one-third of his blood and the crocodile can’t continue to export Silas without flashing and shifting its roots.
If Xiao Le Yan Jiao Yue is allowed to join the battlefield, then RNG Wild can’t escape the situation of one death and one delivery. Xiaolongbao and Wolf Line obviously know this.
After the blind monk mutilated Silas, he decisively came to the crocodile, and the two of them worked together to push the line and did not intend to continue to fight.
Xiao Leyan didn’t continue to heshy to the road after seeing that the road was settled, but chose to go to the river to eat crabs.
Heshy Silas didn’t choose to go back to the city, but went around the circle and returned to the tower again to eat the tower line.
However, what happened later made everyone not expect that after eating a wave of lines, the bloody Silasta did not satisfy heshy and chose a more greedy play.
Hessy actually wants to eat another wave of lines. However, there is a problem. It is found that when Hessy’s residual blood does not return to the city, Lu Xiaolongbao and Wolf Travel are cancelled, and blind monks and crocodiles crouch in the grass to wait for him.
As a result, heshy really hit a stump like a MengMeng bunny and pushed a wave of lines. Silas was injured by an eq from a crocodile and then directly killed by a blind monk.

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