And this sentence made Meng Jun silent. Finally, he looked up and said, "It is not difficult to give me a chance to beat Da Wei naturally!"
Now that you have suffered a loss, you won’t fall down in the same place twice.
If there is such an opportunity, he is confident that he will be able to surpass Wei.
Of course, this is better than
It is not to defeat the great Wei Na army. After all, the strength gap between the two sides is too big
He won’t happen again, and he won’t be caught alive.
Victory won’t let Wei take any advantage.
"Well, you are confident that I like it very much."
Wei Yun smiled and then turned around and slowly returned to the theme. "Well, I will give you a chance to let you go back."
"What?" Meng Jun was shocked and said with disbelief, "Emperor Wei, are you kidding?"
"Ha, ha, ha, you also said that I am the Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty, or is it true that you are joking?"
Wei Yun implement fingers banging on the armrest continued, "and I will not only let you go, but also let you go this time, bringing everyone, of course, those who die will be able to."
According to the news he got before, Meng Jun, the brute leader, brought 30 thousand people, which is regarded as the elite force of Baiyue.
If we don’t put them back together, the post-war will be very easy for Wei.
Even if you don’t choose to take the initiative to attack only passive defense.
Also won’t let Baiyue occupy much cheaper.
It is best to let it go at the same time.
"Think twice!"
At this time, Song Guanwen and others finally couldn’t help it.
"We can’t let Meng Jun go back. We can’t let go easily if we win this battle or win a big victory."
"Yes, Meng Jun is brave and deeply popular. If he hides in the depths of the mountains and wants to encircle them, it will be even more difficult."
"I’m asking you to take it back. This expedition is over. There can be no more trouble. Only solving it as soon as possible is the policy."
They say that finish kneeling.
Although they were very surprised, the battle was a victory after all, and there was no loss, but it would be very difficult to let Meng Jun go back.
After all, after this first failure, you will definitely be more careful next time, and it is impossible to catch the root again.
Especially Lu An. His previous victories were all due to Wang Lin.
Now I know that the other party should naturally understand that those wars have taken advantage of it, but it is just a means to gain my own trust.
Now that both sides know the truth, will there be such a victory if they want to fight again?
Therefore, there is someone in the place who means there is someone else. Hi, hi, but Meng Jun is determined not to let go of this person.
"You love Qing, you think too much." Wei Yun Yi, of course, knew that he would be opposed by everyone and continued, "I, Wei, was the enemy of China, and I could capture him alive. Meng Jun will have a second time the first time."
"He is not the result of the war? Then I just want his heart. "
"Well, don’t say that I want to be arbitrary this time!"
"If someone says one more word, I will be punished for a big disrespect!"
Of course, Wei Yun Yi knew that letting Meng Jun go would bring a lot of trouble, but he didn’t intend to be able to curb the fate, but he also thought about not taking the initiative to let the war continue and keep the soldiers safe at the same time.
I can’t help myself. I have chosen to be like this without him.
"This …"
Everyone looked at each other, but in the end there was no mouth.
It’s not that they are afraid of being punished for a blasphemy, but that they dare not refute Wei Yun’s majesty after a recent period.
Especially the song official document, wondering if there are other purposes in it.
At the moment, Wei Yun Yi saw that they didn’t talk and immediately turned to say, "Well, Meng Jun, you can go back."
Go back … go back …
Smell speech Meng Jun eyes confused.
Especially Wei Yun Yi motioned for Lin Chong to come over and untie him, which made him feel like he was in a dream.
Because when Meng Jun was captured alive, he thought that his field was either dead or imprisoned.
But I never thought I could return to Baiyue alive …
"Good good!"
After a moment of silence, Meng Jun got up and put his fists in his hands. "Emperor Wei, you mean what you say. I admire you, but I still have to say that I will still be as good as before when I go back. If I have the opportunity, I will definitely give Da Wei a thunder blow!"

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