Locke gave them three days to step on the spot, and the other party must want to make sure whether there is an ambush there or not, and sometimes they should want to ambush it.
Trading places is cut off in dry season. There is a very high gill net grille in the urban area of Beisuo River wasteland. Ordinary people won’t come here. There is no population nearby and there is no desire to cultivate farmland by industry.
The terrain is unobstructed, and there are no trees around 500 to 600 meters. It is not high to block the line of sight when the water recedes. This is a difficult place to ambush, and it can be detected by a little movement in the distance. It seems that Locke is very cautious.
The nearest building to trading places is a brick house two kilometers northeast, which was built to rebuild this river basin. Workers built sheds. At first, they built barbed wire and simple roads on the north shore.
The workers have been evacuated from the shed, which is abandoned but still intact. It is very hidden to be surrounded by shrubs with more than two people and weeds growing in the rainy season.
Bourne suspected that Locke was hiding there and sent three experts to touch the whistle. As a result, Locke was not found, and no trace of anyone hiding there was found.
The three masters will stay in the room and be responsible for meeting and keeping watch on the surrounding movements. If Locke is found, they will immediately take him.
The brigade of the Yufugen Foundation also came under the cover of night the day before. They first landed near the mouth of the North Suo River on the sea road, hid the ship in the reef, and then sneaked into the brick house to join the vanguard troops.
It’s not only convenient to monitor near trading places before, but also to prevent the other party from setting an ambush. It’s also possible to find Locke’s whereabouts before. Bonn and others were very considerate, but they waited for a whole day and found nothing.
Even if they live here for a day, these elite people who are pampered on weekdays feel very uncomfortable. Although there are fairly strong brick houses that can shelter from the wind and shade, there is no adjustment or modern kitchen and bathroom. There are all kinds of mosquitoes.
They are all sprayed with several kinds of insect repellent, and the smell of water is very pungent. From time to time, someone performs a magic trick with insect repellent and cooling effect.
When they abandoned the ship and landed, their shoes and trousers were wet and dried by the sea, which made them feel very uncomfortable. They can’t take a shower and change clothes here, but they can have a purification effect.
They can’t make a fire to cook, but even if they are given complete kitchen facilities, these people won’t really cook. There are special chefs for daily meals.
Most of them will bring garden barbecues for leisure and communication or baked snacks to show their talents, so they can eat dry food with them when they get here.
These are all fine, but it’s too uncomfortable to be clean, comfortable and hygienic. How can this be a personal life? It’s a hell of a life!
The vast majority of residents in Port Sepso live like this, but they can’t do magic, and they don’t have such a good house.
Bowen and others have kept their whereabouts secret. Everything they do these days is "let" them do it by Hua Zhen, including the house where they settled, and it is also "help" them choose by Hua Zhen.
Since three days have been set aside, it is impossible for the Fogen Foundation not to explore the "battlefield"
These people have no real outdoor experience, even if they have participated in outdoor activities, they are entertainment experience in the eyes of Hua Zhen, but their mentality is still so confident and arrogant
There is a place near trading places that is suitable for hiding. It is not far or near, and it is desolate and hidden. Hua Zhenxing did not tamper with it or ambush it. It is enough for him to know that they will go there.
Hua Zhenxing can’t help but think of Yang Lao-tou who used to play jokes on him, that is, playing hide-and-seek and sneak attack games is a kind of information asymmetry.
You and I don’t know where you are. I have found you, but I pretend I don’t know yet, and you don’t know that you have been exposed, so the poacher becomes the poacher.
The agreed transaction is finally coming, and Lena set off with two bundles of registered government bonds with a face value of 50 thousand meters
Bowen’s face is gloomy, which is not in line with his wishes. He doesn’t want Lena to meet Locke to make a deal. Even if he does, he can’t really take this batch of national debt with him. Unfortunately, he said it’s not less, but it’s not yet.
After Lianna walked out of a distance, they left three people to guard the stronghold to meet the remaining nine people, and followed them in a fan shape on the way. Lianna kept her distance, but she could keep her breath as close as possible without revealing her figure.
After Lianna arrived in trading places designated by Locke, all the masters of the Fugen Foundation also completed the secret encirclement of this wide area, which was not easy to track and ambush. They kept their distance at five or six hundred meters away, and some places dug holes to hide.
If Locke comes, they will be sure to keep him from leaving. There are still two five-level magicians among so many masters who can’t cope with a waste?
Actually, Hua Zhen Hangyuan didn’t want to do this on-site transaction. According to his plan, when the gang gathered in that brick house, they immediately started to rock the boat.
However, Locke insisted on his own ideas and made another detailed plan. Although there were many variables, Hua Zhen Bank respected his wishes.
Lianna arrived at the appointed place. There was nothing here. There was no Locke. There was no ambush. Nine people around her were holding their breath and waiting for the night. The beach was not quiet. There were wind, grass and all kinds of insects singing, which seemed a little noisy.
Lianna looked at her watch, and it had reached the appointed point, but she still didn’t find Locke. Did he feel the danger and give up the deal today?
Just then, she suddenly heard a strange sound. It was a large six-axis rotor coming from the top of her head. The man-machine slowly descended from the sky and hovered. She reached out and could reach the position with a pocket hanging.
Of course, the Lokers didn’t come to know that the Fogan Foundation was bound to ambush them before they went into their pockets.
Lianna couldn’t tell whether she was disappointed or relieved. She went over and took a look at the man-machine hanging bag and suddenly turned white.
The pocket seems to be nylon, which is opaque. I don’t know what material can isolate the gods.
When you open your mouth, you can see that there are five luminous miniature lamps, a black cover with gold stripes, a silver ring, a scroll the size of a cigarette filter, and a note.
She felt frozen in place for a long time, and for a few seconds, her beautiful and elegant figure seemed to have turned into a sculpture, and the night wind gently blew her hair. Looking at it from a distance, she somehow felt heartbroken.
Then she suddenly moved and twisted the note in her hand, and then it was broken. She took it out, quietly put away the ring and scroll, and put two bundles of government bonds in her pocket and hung them back to the man-machine
Of course, the ambushing experts around us also found the human machine. I didn’t expect Locke to be so cunning. They were all equipped with intercom headsets, just like those field agents in the movie. Bonn shouted, "Lianna, don’t trade, don’t put money in!"
Lianna didn’t seem to hear the headset say, "Listen to me and don’t stop the man-machine from flying away!" Then take that turn and return to the original road, and when it seems a little hasty and messy, deliberately keep an elegant posture.
Five or six hundred meters away, there are several people around who can stop this plane from taking off again in a hovering state. It is only necessary to exert external force to make its rotor out of balance, but these people do not include the four-level theologian Bowen.
How far can Hua Zhen’s exhibition of gods find out? This depends on the situation, if the azimuth is less than 100 meters; If the gods are condensed into a line of shelter, they can reach as far as one kilometer, which is the limit distance for him to control a paper plane or a wooden magpie.
However, there is only such a line to condense the divine knowledge into a line, so we need to rely on paper planes and wooden magpies to attach ourselves to the divine knowledge.
Hua Zhen’s self-cultivation level is not enough, and his skill is not deep enough, but he doesn’t know that he has surpassed many formal theologians only in terms of the strength of his knowledge and the ability to maintain the ultimate extension distance for a long time.
After all, not everyone can make two pounds of pure gold every day and still be alive and kicking, without delaying doing anything else.
"Tong" didn’t make it clear when he arranged alchemy for him, and he met "friar" Locke and Manman, two wonderful people who were stubborn, paranoid and obsessed with fate.
How high can a large civil hexapod fly like this? Usually, the height limit of flight control software is 500 meters, because going any further will affect the safety of civil aviation.
However, if the software is cracked to limit the amount of pool and the power system, it is ok to fly at a height of six or seven kilometers, but the weight will drop with the thinness of the gas.
The rated weight of this man-machine is 15 kilograms, and it has been cracked and modified. The bag should be loaded with no more than 5 kilograms, and the weather conditions should be suitable to fly to a height of 5 thousand meters and the pressure should be applied.
At this height, it is difficult to capture fast-moving things even if the gods are condensed into a line. After all, it is not their own sacrifice to refined wood magpies or artifacts
It’s difficult to stop or track the man-machine until it flies high. When you see this man-machine flying straight with a pocket, it doesn’t light up to indicate that the night light quickly disappears from sight.
The surrounding magicians can’t fly either. They can’t track the man-machine and find no trace of the controller.
Night is the best cover for everyone. This place is dry in the dry season, and the terrain around the floodplain is very high. There are many places where trading places can be seen from the shelter.
The man-machine controller is Van Duck, and he modified this man-machine five kilometers away.
It is really not easy for him to fly high and then observe the feedback from the man-machine camera with the help of high-powered telescope and control the slow landing and hovering at night.
Huazhenhang arranged for him to complete the transaction and bring back the batch of national debt. It is best to deliver the things to Lianna according to Locke’s plan even if the man-machine can’t get them back or the other party reneges.
Van Duck finished it hard, but there was a little flaw in the end.
He didn’t let people land near him, and he was also afraid that if a master could track him down and rise to a height of 5 thousand meters, he changed direction and quickly descended ten kilometers away into a valley covered by hills, even if he was an expert, he could not lock it.
God’s knowledge can’t be locked, but he can’t control it himself. As a result, the man-machine crashed into a tree. Although he lost a man-machine, the gain was huge, and he could get back 100 million meters of gold bonds.
How can the big shell play man-machine games? It’s already white for Boone and others. Today, Locke laid a line. The other party didn’t intend to show up. They alternately evacuated in the night and returned to their temporary foothold.
Thirteen people got together again, and someone checked to see if Lianna got it back from the Chengfugen Foundation, but none of them could penetrate into it to find out.
Bohn flustered. "Lianna, what’s the matter with you? You didn’t catch Awagi, and we lost 100 million meters of gold! After you can no longer do this … "

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