At this moment, generate in the tripod of the willow smoke-containing refining device produced a dazzling brilliance!
Group repair raised eyebrows and attracted a burst of surprise!
The fifth law grain!
Willow smoke also condensed out of the fifth law grain!
If you stop at this time, a perfect true monarch instrument will be cast successfully!
It is the limit for a refiner to cast a perfect instrument.
Normally, with this perfect instrument, Liu Hanyan is enough to win practitioners from all over Zhongzhou.
But she can’t win the cold!
The ghost cold refiner is faster than her!
And at this time, the ghost cold is concise the sixth law grain!
Willow smoke-laden took a deep breath and tried to control the flame to calm the mind, but it was not in a hurry to concise the sixth law grain.
She waited.
If the ghost cold fails, she will stop. With this perfect true monarch instrument, she will win this refining competition!
Ghost cold still closed his eyes and seemed to be immersed in his own world.
Willow smoke-laden movement here didn’t have any impact on him!
The group held its breath and dared not blink.
This refining battle has reached the most critical moment, and the winner may be decided at any time!
I don’t know how long it took.
Ghost cold suddenly opened his eyes and drank a "condensate!"
In an instant, the soil fertility seems to have boiled!
The endless force of heaven and earth poured into the pot of the underworld and almost condensed into a huge whirlpool!
The magic in the cauldron of the nether world spews out in the glow of generate!
The sixth tattoo of the blade appears!
The instrument of the innate true king has become!
Group repair
Everyone stared at the scene in disbelief.
What a shock!
A flying sword that was burnt to crimson slowly emerged from the nether pot. The body of the sword clearly embodies six lines and shines brilliantly!
This kind of sight is hard for most monks to see once in their lifetime.
Nobody wants to miss it.
Even Thousand Crane Gate Patriarch Lan Yue Dao Jun couldn’t help praising one.
The refined door shocked everyone, and his face became gloomy.
Willow smoke-laden mind vibration can’t control the flying sword in the flame tripod, which almost burst and fell short.
She took a deep breath and quickly stabilized the flame.
The birth of this innate true monarch means that she has no way out!
She can meet the difficulties and continue to concise the sixth dharma pattern!
The situation is changing rapidly.
It seems that all the pressure departments have crushed this weak female body in an instant.
She feels a little breathless!
Ghost cold stands proudly and accepts the admiration from all around. Several people admire the high squints and the willow smoke.
That kind of eyes can’t say contempt and disdain.

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