Wang Yue said, "Sneakers are not always the general manager. We should be careful everywhere. Wudang Shaolin is also unreliable in this fight. If you want to survive, you have to rely on yourself."
In a valley, Zhao Min, a woman disguised as a man and dressed in white, asked Ada, "Have you studied the fencing of Ada Emei School?"
Ada’s swordsmanship attainments are the strongest among the master practitioners in Zhao Min.
Zhao Min had a sneak attack on Emei Sect, but he was killed by Emei Sect when he sent someone to meet him. Zhao Min was very interested in Emei Sect martial arts and fencing.
Ah Da shook his head and said, "The monarch feels very strange that the Emei school fencing is the basic fencing, but the Emei school brothers have exerted great power in their hands. Perhaps the Emei school’s mind method is otherwise mysterious."
Zhao Min’s eyes lit up and said, "So it’s not the mystery of swordsmanship but the mystery of mind that makes this basic swordsmanship decadent and magical?"
O big nods "should be"
Zhao Min laughed. "The former Emei Sect didn’t have such a martial arts method. The monarch is becoming more and more interested in this Emei Sect. Ada will continue to monitor the Emei Sect for me, but don’t sneak up on everything again until the six major sects and the Magic Sect do battle."
Ah Da fuels and says, "It’s the monarch."
Chapter 23 Zhu Yuanzhang sneak attack
In the deep valley, Zhang Ji sat naked by the river, and when the true qi of the nine yang kept emerging, Zhang Ji finished practicing the four nine yang scriptures today.
Zhang Ji let out a long whistle like thunder.
Although the magic of Jiuyang has not yet achieved great success, Zhang Jixiu has also reached the ratio of the true qi of Jiuyang in the early days of the master.
"I finally finished practicing Jiuyang Zhenjing, and the cold poison in my body was completely eliminated."
Zhang Ji’s eyes are full of excitement, and he can finally get out of the valley.
As soon as Zhang Ji came out of the valley, he met Wu Lie, who fought and wrestled together. Finally, both of them fell into the cliff and Wu Lie was killed on the spot. Zhang Ji recovered his life by breaking his leg bone because of the magical power of Jiuyang.
Zhu Yuanzhang and Liu Bowen looked at the mountain at the top of the mountain. Everyone in Emei sent Zhu Yuanzhang with cold light in his eyes.
"Master, have you really decided to send a hand to Emei?" Liu Bowen asked.
Zhu Yuanzhang sneered, "Of course, don’t you still think I’m joking? The six great master fighters have the shortest time to exterminate Master Tai and Master Wang Yuecheng. Their martial arts should be no better. I can kill them all by myself."
"It will be much easier to kill the extinct teacher and the Wang Yue Emei Sect even if it is abolished, and it will be much easier to teach against the six major sects. When they fight each other, Zhu Yuanzhang will save everyone and it will be me."
There is not a big gap between teaching and the six schools, so Zhu Yuanzhang can find it cheap. Otherwise, teaching will be destroyed by the six schools, which will not benefit Zhu Yuanzhang at all.
This time, Zhu Yuanzhang, with his bare head, came to teach the leader. He wants to be a leader, teach all the masters, and hundreds of thousands of people will obey his orders.
Only with the teaching power can Zhu Yuanzhang compete with the Mongolian court.
Liu Bowen nodded. He also felt that Emei Sect was a soft persimmon, and it was feasible to kill the extinct teacher and Wang Yue.
Why don’t you go to Huashan and Kunlun? Because these two factions have no master fighters, even if they are destroyed, it is of little significance.
Zhu Yuanzhang wants to kill the master fighters.
"You should be careful, Master," Liu Bowen woke up.
Zhu Yuanzhang sneered, "The strategist can rest assured that the early fighters of the two masters are the mistresses for me! I’ll do it tonight. "
Zhu Yuanzhang’s practice is really heroic and overbearing in the Imperial Classics of the Song Dynasty.
With great power, Zhu Yuanzhang looked very confident.
The late Emei Sect camped in the Woods.
Wang Yue closed his eyes and pranayama qi kept his energy at its peak at any time.
Wang Yue has a feeling that the closer he is to the frontline gorge, the less peaceful he will be.
"The secret three-way people may start work tonight," Wang Yue said in his heart. "If you don’t start work today, I, Emei Sect, will reach the first-line gorge, and then they will have no chance to meet his five sects."
Zhou Zhiruo brought the food to Wang Yue and said, "Brother has dinner." Wang Yue glanced at Zhou Zhiruo and nodded, "Thank you Younger."
Ding Minjun also carried food in her hand. She also came to deliver food to Wang Yue, but she didn’t expect to be beaten by Zhou Zhiruo.
Ding Minjun turned gloomy and left with a cold hum.
Wang Yue found that Ding Minjun was secretly sighing, and Ding Minjun and Zhou Zhiruo became more and more stiff. When they met, they also had to insinuate.
"Younger, don’t sleep too hard at night. I’m afraid it won’t be peaceful tonight," Wang Yuexiao charged.
"It’s brother Wang Yue" Zhou Zhiruo nodded with a smile.
Master Extinction pays attention to the surrounding activities while eating.
Zhu Yuanzhang wore a night suit and hid in the dark.
Suddenly, the extinct teacher’s ear moved slightly and shouted, "Who is it? Sneaking to get out of the seat! "
After saying his word, Zhu Yuanzhang turned into a ghosting image to attack the extinct teacher.
Teacher extinction was shocked, and the bearer was a master fighter, and she was better than the strong one among the masters.

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