Ye Tian sat down in bed after dinner, and now he should meet Bond to learn about a Pizza Hut. But at this time, he is not interested in doing anything, and he can’t do anything unless this matter is over.
At the same time, a huge mansion, Sia, looked at a white-haired old man with a firm face and bravely said, you heard grandpa right. I can’t agree with that marriage. I have already married my lover.
What, you heard the West Asian dialect and the white-haired old man roared, Do you want to be as irresponsible as your unscrupulous father? You must know that your decision now will affect the fate of a family and determine the future of a family of 100 people. You can’t be selfish.
Pain closed his eyes and Sianai shook his head. But I have identified him. I won’t give it to anyone except him in this generation. Forgive me, Grandpa. Let me be alone, okay?
When I heard the words of Sia, I was always anxious and wandering for a long time. I suddenly set my foot on the road. Grandpa Sia won’t push you into the fire pit. That person is really in good condition. I want to be as smart as your grandfather. I want to be as handsome as my face. The guy is definitely the richest man in the world. The power he has in his hand is enough to sweep everything away. What the hell are you thinking about?
Looking at grandpa’s anxious face, Lucia said bitterly, I know grandpa, I know he is very good, but no matter how good he is, I don’t love him. I love Ye Tian, and I can be him all my life. I have given myself to others.
Listening to the words of West Asia’s refusal, I’m always discouraged and sitting together at a loss. What should I do? Oh, my God, you won’t talk. What about our family? How can we continue to have children
Pain and eyes closed are very white for the family to face embarrassment, so she is very painful now. If possible, she very much hopes to meet her grandfather’s wishes and bring hope and future to the family. But now she is not her, she is Ye Tian, and she can accept other men even if she dies.
At the same time
Ye Tian, an inn, can lie quietly in bed with his eyes closed. He has heard the conversation between Grandpa Xi Ya, and he knows very well that Ye Tian is affectionate to West Asia, and his eyes are full of tears. This affectionate woman can’t be negative in her life, otherwise no one will forgive him.
Perhaps people will suspect that Ye Tian heard the fact that it was very simple to order him to leave the devouring state the day before. Although he lost the saber-toothed tiger because of this, it is also a way to avoid things in order to keep abreast of what happened to West Asia.
Once the Warcraft is swallowed up, it will die instantly. Facing this tiger Ye Tianzhen, who has risked his life, he can’t bear to part with it, but now he can abandon it if he is not willing to part with it.
As a result, Ye Tian should arrange eyeliner around West Asia to keep abreast of the situation. Once things happen, Ye Tianhao will send the holy armour king to the scene soon, and Ye Tian is convinced that the strength of the holy armour king can be countered by a European Belik.
Secondly, the saber-toothed tiger can’t escape all the way. Everyone knows what the saber-toothed tiger stands for and rides it every day. Isn’t that forcing the imperial people to find a door to Ye Tian, who believes in it, but an empire is not brave? That’s a fool.
The old man with white hair got up suddenly and said in a low voice, well, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance. Now you take me to see him at once. He can pass our test and I will promise you at once. But if my law passes, I won’t marry my granddaughter to him casually.
Well, he nodded cleverly, and Sia said confidently, No problem. I’ll take you there right away. I’m sure he will pass any test you have.
Hearing the granddaughter’s words, the old man nodded happily, and then the two men picked up the house and walked over to the Ye Tian residence inn.
Slowly open your eyes, Ye Tian hesitated for a moment, then sat up from the bed, took out Wang Jiapi from the ring, and put on Wang Jiapi’s cloak. The image of power and prestige suddenly jumped out.
Scarlet armor, scarlet cloak, dark gold pattern, magnificent pattern, everything will set off Ye Tian’s heroic posture, cool and handsome to the limit.
Then Ye Tian left the room and walked towards the gate. Near the door, Ye Tian ordered a table of rich food and wine and waited while eating and drinking.
Finally, there was a series of footsteps at the entrance of the inn, and then the figure flashed in West Asia to accompany Baifa’s old face and stepped into the store door.
Uh, I saw that old Ye Tian suddenly froze when he stepped through the door, and his facial muscles kept staring. Oh, my God, how could it be him?
Ye Tian’s strange movement soon attracted the attention of West Asia. When his eyes lit up, West Asia gently approached Grandpa and said something. Then two people came in tandem.
Looking at Ye Tian’s scarlet armor and coquettish cloak, the white-haired old man’s impression of Ye Tian instantly hit the lowest valley, and before he could get close, he shouted angrily, I warn you, don’t you dare pester my granddaughter again.
White-haired old man is angry and ready to warn him. Look down on this and see if he can scare him off. However, as the distance draws closer, white-haired old man gradually sees clearly that Ye Tian’s appearance threatens half of it, so he went on.
Gently put the glass back on the table. Ye Tian got up and smiled at the white-haired old man. What will happen if I continue to pester your granddaughter, dear Mr. Bond?
In the face of Ye Tian’s smirk, I asked the white-haired old man, that is, Bond Wu, for a long time, and then my heart suddenly said flatly, Don’t, I’m scaring you. If you dare to pester my granddaughter again, I’ll marry you.
Ah, Ye Tian said this as early as expected when he heard Bond, but West Asia immediately got it. What’s going on? Just now, there was a face of hatred, but now it’s suddenly like this. What do you mean, you have to marry your granddaughter?
Facing the roar of Bond at the top of his lungs, Ye Tian ha ha smiled and greeted Bond with a blank face. Celia sat back in her seat, and then they poured wine juice and sat down with a smile.
Looking at Ye Tianyi with a smile on his face, Bond took a sip of wine with a wry smile. I said, What the hell are you young couple doing? Is it because my old man is too laid-back to stimulate me?
Hearing grandpa’s words, Celia finally came to her senses. I’m not sure. Looking at grandpa, I said, Grandpa, do you two know each other? Why?
Looking at a confused face, Sia Bond nodded with a wry smile and said, Can you know each other? This is me. You selected your granddaughter-in-law. When you hear grandpa’s words, Sia Qiao’s face suddenly turned white and looked at Ye Tian.
Looking at West Asia’s pale face, Pang Yetian knows what she is thinking. She must have done all this on purpose by Ye Tian. Both of them get along with each other in Ye Tian’s plan. That’s true. In a way, it’s a kind of deception. You can’t cheat in the world of love.
Nai sighed one day and looked at Sia Dao. I know what you are thinking. Now I will ask you your name again.
In the face of Ye Tian’s inquiry, West Asia is puzzled. Looking at Ye Tian’s light way, you should have known it long before we met. Since this is the case, we will ask again.
Know nodded Ye Tian didn’t continue to cross-examine and turned to look at Bond. Oh, by the way, Mr. Bond, I have a bad memory. What’s your granddaughter’s name again?
I looked puzzled at Ye Tian and then at Sia Bond. What are you young couples doing? Don’t you know my granddaughter’s name by now? Her name is Bonnie.
Good. Naina nodded and Ye Tian said bitterly. Now who can tell me what? You said your granddaughter’s name was Bonnie, but your granddaughter wanted to tell me her name was Sia, and then she was still here. I was cheating on her. What the hell is going on?
Ah, hearing Ye Tiandi’s words, Lucia suddenly raised her head and looked at Ye Tian in surprise. Yes, she never seemed to tell Ye Tianji his name all the time, and judging from his grandfather’s expression, he seemed to do the same.
In West Asia, I was surprised that Bond said with a wry smile, what’s wrong with this explanation? My granddaughter’s name is Bonnie. When West Asia is a surname, she always reports this Bonnie as her name. I usually call this name. Who would have thought that you had nothing to do and found the hospital?
Looking at Bondsia with a wry smile, Ye Tian sighed and said, Can I not go? I just advanced to the fourth-order earth warrior. If I don’t go to the courtyard, where will I go to fight?
Speaking of which, Ye Tian is deeply looking at West Asia. There are too many coincidences in this matter. I can’t tell you clearly. You are West Asia and I don’t know if you are Bonnie. I hope you can believe me.
Looking at Ye Tian’s sincere expression, Sia’s wisdom has become white. After a soft smile, Sia nodded, I have become white. You don’t need to explain, and I didn’t blame you. It means that I misunderstood you just now. It was just a misunderstanding, but I always believed you.
Ye Tian couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he heard the words from West Asia. Unfortunately, West Asia was appeased, but Bond quit again and glared at Ye Tianbang. Hey, didn’t you say your name was Ortiz? Why is it called Ye Tian now? Which one is true or before? You were playing with my granddaughter.
Bonnie became wary again when she heard grandpa’s words. Yes, grandpa said in his letter that it was very white. His future husband seems to be called Ortiz. Why Ye Tian again?
Looking at the eyes of an old man and a little two inquiries, Ye Tian shook his head with a wry smile and took out the card of the adventure union from his pocket and threw it directly on the table to signal that two people had seen it.
Doubt bowed their heads and Bondsia looked down at the card. The hidden gold characters were unusually eye-catching and the head of the undead adventure group, Orissis Yetian.

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