But there is still a surge of thunder in his eyes, which is breathtaking, majestic and horrible.
Wind residual day eyes Su Mo and wind purple clothes pass by and see two people sick and look a little slower and then look at Yuan Zuo County King three people.
"Want to draw me out as you wish!"
Emperor Lei glanced around and said slowly, "Show yourself! Let me see who you are!"
The words sound just fell and four figures have emerged in the surrounding dense forest, coming towards this place.
All four people smell extremely dangerous. Jingyue is a real fairy.
Not surprisingly, these four are all true fairies and strong men!
Jingyue’s true fairy also stepped in the previous step, and four people formed a battle position to form a camp around the Thunder Emperor.
"Ha ha!"
Emperor Lei looked disdainfully and squinted at Jingyue Zhenxian. Five people sneered, "I killed ten of your eleven Zhenxian, and today you jumped out to die?"
"Today is different from the past"
Jingyue’s true fairy looks the same. "You don’t have to hold on in a windy day. If you are not sure of winning, we will not set this game."
A true fairy in the east, dressed in a gray robe and with a long beard hanging down on her chest, smiled and said, "In the windy days, you were punished by the king of heaven, stabbing the stone pillars with knives for hundreds of thousands of years, and the longer it took to heal the wounds, the more serious the injury became."
The true fairy in the south is a beautiful woman in a tight robe with red hair. "Three months ago, you were hit hard by Wang Shi of Jin. Although you saved your life, you also hurt your foundation. Your fighting power is much worse than that of a year ago!"
"You are really fierce in a windy day."
Gao Daguang, the true fairy figure in the west, is carrying a pair of copper whips in his skill. "Wang Shi of Jin has sealed the fairy king, and you can escape from him with a serious injury."
Fairy king is a fairy, but there is a big difference.
That’s the gap between heaven and earth!
Normally, even ten true immortals and a hundred true immortals join hands at the same time to shake a fairy king!
It is said that when Wang Shi of Jin Dynasty was chasing after the wind, the two men also fought against each other, and the wind-disabled genius lost to escape.
This crowd sounds unimaginable!
Can a true fairy dare to fight with the immortal king and escape from life?
There is a true fairy in the north, who is very young and never speaks, but quietly looks at the wind and smiles.
This man looks like the most ordinary and ordinary of the four true immortals.
But the eyes of the wind and the sky are always staring at this person, and most of the minds are also putting this person!
The king of Yuanzuo County could not help clapping his hands and praising, "The old dog is dying, but this vision is really poisonous."
"This flying fairy is one of the strongest true brothers in the wind view!"
Su Mo felt a shock in his heart.
The four immortals in the fairy land are one of the four immortals!
The four immortals can be tied for the three immortals. I didn’t expect the king of Yuanzuo County to invite all the true brothers of Yufeng Guan.
Fei Yun’s true fairy smiled at the thunder emperor’s slight hand. "Fei Yun is a famous friend of the younger generation."
"No wonder you’re afraid to invite a cave-empty fairy."
Emperor Lei said coldly
Su Mo has never heard of any empty fairy in the cave, but listening to Lei Huang’s implication, this empty fairy seems to be the strongest among the true immortals!
Feiyun Zhenxian nodded and said, "Taoist friends have a good eye. Today, it is rare to have the opportunity to ask for advice."
"Ha ha …"
Emperor Lei sneered, "What are you pretending to be? You just want to take advantage of my serious injury to fall into the well and ask for advice!"
"Don’t be arrogant, old dog!"
Being poked by the thunder emperor, Fei Yun’s true fairy face disappeared with a smile. "I respect you as a friend and ask for advice to give you a face!" You are just a lost dog now. You don’t deserve to give me shoes! "
He, after all, has a youthful face, which is a little thin and can’t be stimulated, such as Jingyue’s true fairy and others, who have already kept their faces unchanged.
They seem to be able to suppress the thunder emperor by hook or by crook!
"Waste what words to fight!"
Emperor Lei drank heavily and rushed into the sky, patting the palm of his hand to stun the evil gun. The thunder surged in his palm and suddenly generate came out!
The evil gun burst into a dazzling brilliance that was brighter than the scorching sun to cover the mountain range!
It’s thunderous and dazzling!
"ah! Ah! Ah! "
Around the fairy fairy strong look changed hurriedly close your eyes.
Some monks closed their eyes a little slowly, and their eyes were stung by this Leiguangbo, and blood flowed out.
A little farther away, the friar also shed tears

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