"What should I do? What should we do? I don’t want to die here! I can’t die here! ! !”
White-faced Kong Yanzhou roared in despair, expressing his strong desire not to die here.
But the limited ability of his own soldiers doesn’t seem to help him realize his wish well, and let alone outside the city …
The siege of the Guangfu Army outside the city left no room for survival, and he was determined to catch all the government agencies in the city of Kaifeng and not miss anyone.
Kong Yanzhou Qinbing can try his best to collect military forces into his left-behind mansion and reinforce the left-behind mansion to prepare for desperate final resistance.
Kong Yanzhou can escape to the collapsed chair in the hall of the mansion, his eyes glazed over, and he muttered something meaningful like "I don’t want to die" and "I can’t die"
At this point, he finally raised his head.
At this moment, the situation in the city is also quite fierce.
Zhou led the soldiers of the Guangfu Army who first rushed into the city to form a street fighting formation, and quickly advanced, constantly killing and trying to resist the nomads from the city, dismissing the nomads from throwing their weapons and trying to surrender when they met them.
There are many surrenders, and few resistance people rush inside. The more surrenders, the more afraid they are to fight the Guangfu Army.
In the end, the surrenders blocked the road, and they were so anxious to advance the front line that they didn’t want to capture people. They could let the soldiers go forward and shout for the soldiers to throw away their weapons and play with them when they didn’t have time.
The most important thing is to push forward and kill the enemy to the innermost part and the most critical place before they organize their defense lines, so that they may lose their organizational defense lines
In that case, we can conquer the whole city with the highest efficiency and the lowest casualties.
This is the general experience of a general of the Guangfu Army who has experienced many siege wars. It is indeed very suitable here.
With more and more Guangfu troops entering the city, the situation was out of control, and the Jin army was losing ground. The Guangfu army was gaining momentum and soon controlled quite a few important strongholds in the city.
Some Jin Jun officers tried to launch a counterattack to lead the Guangfu Army to fight, but the star resistance could not affect the overall situation, and the Jin Jun resistance soon ended
Zhou and his men took the lead in rushing to Kong Yanzhou’s left-behind mansion, found that the left-behind mansion was reinforced with military forces and defense, and saw the left-behind mansion plaque, and immediately knew that this was Kong Yanzhou’s lair.
Kong Yanzhou! ! !
New hatred and old hatred add up. Zhou hated Kong Yanzhou. His teeth itch and immediately besieged the left-behind government.
Kong Yanzhou’s elite pro-soldiers in the left-behind mansion rely on the wall of the left-behind mansion to defend themselves. They make the crossbows commanding and shoot arrows to attack the Guangfu Army. The Guangfu Army also uses the crossbows to fight back, relying on the number advantage to suppress the crossbowmen on the wall.
At the same time, Zhou sent people to attack the government gate with arrows, but the government gate seemed to be blocked for a while, and the roots could not be opened for a while. They could send people to look for cars and hit trees to deal with it.
Shoot arrows around the mansion here, and send someone to look for the bump. The whole Kaifeng city is also a mess. In some places, the sound of gunpowder explosion and huge smoke can be heard.
The war was fierce.
The archery of the elite Qinbing guarding the left-behind mansion is still very good. Soon, more than a dozen people were killed by arrows and dozens were injured by arrows. It is not easy to suppress them by relying on the number advantage.
Can be said to be a closet elite.
However, no matter how limited the number of elites is, the majority of them are still vulnerable to violence.
Kaifeng city was quickly occupied by the Guangfu army, and the army had begun to divide, encircle and surrender the fleeing army.
At this time, Zhou Qinbing shouted and pushed a crashed car. Zhou roared and covered all the crossbowmen. Suddenly, they didn’t want to shoot arrows at the wall, and they couldn’t lift their heads.
More than QinBing red eyes pushing a crash began to crash the door.
The mansion door began to shake and loosen, and the elite Qinbing in the mansion obviously began to panic, and they all seemed to block the mansion door from the courtyard wall.
But this is futile.
Zhou was very excited, red-eyed, and rushed to the front, pushing the crash with the Ministry and starting to hit the government door.
"Force! The government door is going to fail! Force! Hit me! ! ! !”
Zhou roared at the top of his voice until the blue veins stood out on his forehead, and the whole face was distorted. You simply couldn’t see that people were like evil spirits.
The Lord is so fierce, the department is not desperate to make efforts. Everyone makes efforts together. The last blow severely hits the crumbling mansion door. Listen to the boom. One mansion door is broken and left behind. The doorway is open!
"Give me a rush! ! !”
Zhou waved his combat knives and rushed to the front of the voice. He was hoarse and couldn’t shout anything, but this did not prevent all the soldiers from following him into the left-behind house to launch a final attack on Kong Yanzhou.
Chapter 47 But Kong Yanzhou
In the face of panic and fear, the soldiers of the Guangfu Army waved their knives and pounced fiercely.
Swing a knife, chop a knife, chop each other to death
It’s quite a rush to stab each other to death.
Or with a big shield, I rushed to knock each other down and my comrades around me stabbed each other to death immediately.
Generally speaking, the Guangfu army has an advantage, but Kong Yanzhou’s elite soldiers are not waste.
Strictly speaking, they can be said to be good at sleeping together.
For many people, Kong Yanzhou doesn’t look like an evil person, but he just eats people. Only by being kind to his soldiers, can he be as prepared as his father.
With his Qinbing, Kong Yanzhou can take such care of him and see Kong Yanzhou’s human side.
All the soldiers loved Kong Yanzhou as much as their father, giving their lives to him, even though he was a real sinner.
But QinBing regardless of protecting Kong Yanzhou behind them, they put their lives to fight with the Guangfu Army.
Never stepping back, his eyes were red before wielding a knife, and he fought with the soldiers of the Guangfu Army until the weapons of both sides were cut off when it was fierce, and he could wrestle, roll around and tear at each other.

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