The evil emperor even laughed, "It is a good thing that Nie Feng can still wake up, saying that Nie Feng still has hope to turn back."
Nie Feng’s ability to practice the magic sword has improved by leaps and bounds, and he has regained his sanity. This is naturally a good thing for the evil emperor and others, and it is also a good thing for the whole land of China.
"Brother Feng has dinner." The second dream came to the stream and shouted softly.
Nie Feng heard the second dream sound and nodded with a smile and said, "Well, I’ll be right with you."
Although Nie Feng is awake, the magic in his body is still strong. When he is excited, the magic horse will lose control and become possessed again.
Nie Feng can now run Bing Xin’s theory that he must face everything indifferently.
Nie Feng and the second dream came into the house and the evil emperor and others were ready to eat.
The pig emperor laughed. "Nie Feng, it’s a great blessing that you can turn back to the shore. Your magic knife is really powerful. Even the unique god was forced to retreat by you. He didn’t attack the imperial city. I think he has been hurt by you and is healing."
Nie Feng said lightly, "It’s a pity that I can’t use force now or the horse will be possessed."
Nie Feng is afraid of losing his mind and killing people at random, so he dare not use force again.
God has not attacked the imperial city yet, otherwise Nie Feng really doesn’t know what to do.
The evil emperor said, "Nie Feng wants you to practice Bing Xin’s tactic to the fifth floor, so you can suppress the magic in your heart. At that time, the magic knife will play its real power in your hand."
The evil emperor didn’t think that Nie Bing Xin’s tactic was so magical that it could suppress the magic of the magic knife. This is a great discovery.
The magic sword is poor in power, but it has irreparable defects, while Nie Feng Bing Xin’s magic skill just makes up for the defects.
The magic sword seems to be customized in Nie Feng.
Once Nie Feng can control the magic knife, Nie Feng is not a "knife demon" but a "knife god"
Nie Feng said, "The evil emperor’s predecessors can rest assured that I will definitely practice Bing Xin tactic to the fifth floor before attacking the imperial city. I don’t know what happened to Brother Yun."
The pig emperor shook his head and said, "Bu Jingyun said he was going to find out about them before he left, but he’s gone forever and we haven’t heard from him yet."
Pig emperor, they are martial arts experts, but they have no power to spy on news channels. Naturally, they can’t compare with the Twin Cities, let alone the deep-rooted Tianmen.
Tianmen agents don’t even know the specific places of Bu Jingyun and Ming, and of course they can’t know.
Nie Feng nodded lightly and said, "Well, I hope Brother Yun and the famous predecessors are all right."
After eating, Nie Feng continued to practice Bing Xin’s tactic.
The pig emperor looked at Nie Fengxi and sighed, "Nie Feng can control the magic knife to stop this catastrophe in China. It is hopeful that the old ghost, your magic knife has finally found someone."
The evil emperor laughed. "It’s a pity that Nie Feng is not an old brother."
Nie Feng’s skill increased greatly, and Bu Jingyun didn’t rest. His swordsmanship also advanced by leaps and bounds.
Bu Jingyun, a famous swordsman in Lingyun Cave, is no longer a contemporary swordsman.
Bu Jingyun’s fencing and blade master’s fencing are different. His fencing is full of rage and domineering, but its power is not small.
Bu Jingyun holds a peerless sword and uses a trick to display the sword in Lingyun Cave. The tunnel is full of firm but gentle swords.
Name secretly nod Bu Jingyun fencing is become more proficient.
After a set of swordsmanship was performed, Bu Jingyun stopped to ask the name, "Master, do you think my current swordsmanship can break the immortal golden body?"
Ming shook his head and said, "Your understanding is the best I have ever seen. You can realize a set of swordsmanship and martial arts that is less than the sword in such a short time. It’s not easy to break the immortal golden body in the late stage of Heaven."
Fame didn’t let Bu Jingyun practice his swordsmanship, which was inexplicable by Wan Jian’s return to the Sect and grief. Instead, he taught Bu Jingyun to understand swordsmanship according to his aptitude.
Bu Jingyun didn’t let the famous name down, pointing out a set of swordsmanship that belonged to him completely.
Bu Jingyun was discouraged. "I didn’t think of it or I couldn’t. Isn’t it an enemy to be immortal and not destroy the golden body?"
The name says, "The defense of the immortal golden body is too strong. Even if I return to Wan Jian, I may not be able to break your immortal sword. It’s a pity that it’s not sealed. If the immortal sword is sealed, you may have a chance to break the immortal golden body."
Bu Jingyun took a look at the peerless sword and said, "Master, is the peerless sword indestructible?"
Now the people who worship the Sword Villa are finished, even if Bu Jingyun wants to find a proud family to seal it, he can’t do it.
Name shook his head and said, "I don’t know."
A famous swordsmanship is fierce, but he knows nothing about forging.
Ming also said that "there is also a forging master in the Twin Cities who may be able to seal the peerless sword"
Bu Jingyun guessed who the name was. "Master, you mean Wang Yue’s father, Wang Huai?"

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