The anxiety and worry in Xiao Ning’s eyes slowly disappeared and closed his eyes.
Ji Yaoxue is also completely immersed in Sanskrit!
This Ning Xin mantra has greatly relieved and relaxed both minds.
As time goes by, a calming mantra is recited.
Xiao Ning and Ji Yaoxue, with their eyes closed, looked serene and relaxed between the eyebrows, and fell asleep unconsciously early.
Su Mo carefully put down the two men and did not leave, but guarded them.
Unconsciously, the night passed.
Oriental flush a fish-belly grey when lying beside Su Mo a beautiful image moved a.
Wake up first or Xiao Ning!
She blinked and sat up. Her eyes were still a little confused. I don’t know what happened.
She remembers that Su Mo heard a nice Sanskrit when she was talking, and then she lost her memory.
"Ah, it’s dawn!"
Small coagulation exclaimed a.
Then she found that she didn’t feel a little tired!
Did you sleep all night and then rest?
If it is normal, Xiao Ning’s physical and mental exhaustion has reached the limit, even if she has a rest for three days and nights, she may not be able to recover.
But Ning Xin mantra helps Xiao Ning recover quickly after a night’s sleep.
"Go on with the alchemy and pay attention to rest."
Sue ink clap small coagulation shoulder charged a was going to get up and leave.
"Wait for Sister Yao Xue to wake up?" Small coagulation asked
Sumo narrowed his eyes and said, "There are some things that haven’t been settled yet. I have to find an answer!"
Chapter one thousand one hundred and twenty-three Wan Method of jersey
When Su Mo arrived at the dimly discernible peak, the battlefield outside Zongmen had already been cleaned up.
Just after the arrival of the main peak, the night spirit has already greeted it sadly.
"How about it?"
Sumo asked
"It has been killed."
Night spirit casually said 1
Sue ink took a deep look at the night spirit but didn’t ask more.
You know, the blind old man is a strong sorcerer, and his fighting power can match that of the Terran.
It’s definitely a problem for the night spirit to pursue self-protection alone, but it’s a little terrible to kill the blind old man!
Actually, the night spirit has never shown its strength in front of others.
Because since the night spirit stepped into Dan Dao, he hasn’t turned into a demon form.
Even at the beginning, the night spirit of Vientiane City was exposed.
The night spirit has secrets in its heart.
Sumo is clear
But he respects the night spirit.
If the night spirit doesn’t talk, he won’t ask questions!
Then they came to Zongmen Penalty Hall and saw that they were personally guarded by Nianqi to suppress the lonely road flyover.
Road flyover lonely soul hung his head and heard a movement and looked up.
Seeing Su Mo’s figure, the depths of the road flyover’s eyes once again reveal a burst of resentment!
He hates it!
He didn’t expect to be backed by the power of the Wu clan with a comparable trend to make a comeback, and everything was destroyed in the hands of this blue monk!
In those days, this blue monk was just building a foundation.
He looks like an ant in his eyes.
I didn’t expect this once-worm to grow to such a terrible state more than 100 years ago!
More than 100 years ago, the lonely soul Taoist hegemony plan failed. On the surface, it was due to the intervention of Shura Yan Beichen.
But the fact that Yan Beichen can arrive at the time is also due to Su Mo.
At that time, it was because Ji goblin was worried about Sumo’s safety that Motome Zongshura informed Yan Beichen of the dimly discernible peak crisis.
"Ha ha ha"
See Su Mo come in. Road flyover ghosts sneer and sound hoarse and ugly.
"Failed! Master Wu, are you a threat? When the strong witch clan comes back, you all want me to be buried with you! "

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