The woman’s mind suddenly flashed that when Xiao Qi came and leaned out of the dark clouds, she couldn’t help shivering, but the doubt in her heart was completely dissipated. If such characters were ruled by law and treated their children well, then she could accept her fate.
The husband and wife led Liu Qingyun and others to the room and saw the dying patient lying in bed.
Looking around the room, the layout is very elegant. At first glance, the protagonist is a lover. There are landscape paintings hanging on the walls everywhere. It seems that Wang Ren’ an is the signature. Not surprisingly, there is a bed with a heavy name. There is a small flower that has dried up and is struggling to bloom its beauty.
Liu Qingyun slowly walked forward and held out his hand and gently set up Wang Ren ‘an’s forehead. Suddenly, Guanghua flashed in his eyes, which was very conspicuous in this dark room.
The husband and wife both looked at each other and saw the joy in each other’s eyes. They invited many so-called masters before, but from one person, they had such means to give birth to hope in their hearts.
Liu Qingyun carefully scanned Wang Ren ‘an’s body with a blind eye, but his face became more and more dignified, which made the hearts of husband and wife suddenly get up again.
"Is your child weak since childhood or is it recent?" Liu Qingyun asked.
The middle-aged man just prepared his mouth but was robbed by his eager wife. He said first, "Although the child was not strong since he was a child, he was in good health. He has been ill all the time, that is, he suddenly became weak in recent years, and this year he is even more serious and bedridden, and then he gradually fell into a coma."
"Is it getting worse this time?" Liu Qingyun then asked.
Chapter four hundred and nineteen Keys
"That’s right. Recently, the child suddenly lost weight with the naked eye. In just a few days, this picture has become in front of him. If you go on like this, you will estimate that he will die in a few days." This time it’s the turn of the middle-aged man to speak.
Liu Qingyun turned his head and looked at his teachers and asked, "What do you see?"
At this time, the two little guys were absorbed in playing with the little toys they bought. When they heard their master elder brother’s question, they were as nervous as being asked by a primary school student, and their bodies were straight and said with some fear, "I didn’t see anything."
So the two men greeted Liu Qingyun’s stern eyes and made the two little guys bow their heads quickly. But after all, it was outside. Liu Qingyun did not intend to pursue the two little guys, but turned to look at Xiaoqi.
Xiao Qi saw his master elder brother look at himself and said quickly, "Look at this, it’s like a sign of being overwhelmed, but this man is an ordinary man, and his mana is also consumed."
Liu Qingyun smell speech nodded slightly, saying, "It’s really a symptom of being overwhelmed. I just found that it’s like the candle in the wind is weak and abnormal, and the oil is exhausted."
Liu Qingyun dialect is different from a bolt from the blue to the ears of middle-aged couples. Although I don’t understand what they say about being fascinated, I can draw a conclusion from several conversations that this situation is not easy to handle.
The two of them were a little scared and asked, "Is there a cure for this disease of Xianshi?"
"It’s difficult to be mentally damaged, but it’s not incurable. Naturally, there are ways to recover. You are lucky. You have three rare spiritual waters that are good at treating this kind of injury."
With a gentle wave, a small porcelain vase appeared in his hand. It was Liu Yu who took spiritual water from the water world.
Since Avenue Aquarius opened the world, the effect of offering and refining all kinds of spiritual water in the bottle has been improved to a higher level. Once, the three lights of divine water gained yin and yang, two qi and regular force, and it became a more powerful spiritual water. However, even though the water world did not produce much such spiritual water, Liu Qingyun also had this small porcelain bottle in his hand
This is Lu Yu’s defense. Give him self-defense in case.
"You get a bowl of water!" Liu Qingyun ordered gently.
People quickly promised that soon a big bowl with a big rooster painted on it would be brought in, and a bowl of clear water would slowly come in.
Liu Qingyun put clear water on the bedside and poured a porcelain bottle into a drop of spirit water. Suddenly, a strange water vapor filled the air, which made everyone feel refreshed and a grass grew in the corner of the room, which affected the crazy growth.
The two couples were completely stunned by this magical scene. They were surprised to see that the porcelain bottle in Liu Qingyun’s hand was just a drop of breath and had such magical effect. I’m afraid this bottle of water is priceless.
"Feed this bowl of water for your family."
The maid was about to pick up the bowl but was stopped by the woman. "Let it go and I’ll do it myself."
"Yes, madam." The servant girl looked up and looked at it. She was very obedient and put the bowl in her hand to make room for the woman.
The woman picked up the bowl and her husband helped her to help herself. Tears fell from the unconscious child. A child who was once so healthy is now skinny. She put her arms around her son and didn’t feel any meat, just like holding a skeleton.
What can be more painful for a mother than watching her child dying? At this time, her heart ached.
She gently shouted her child’s name in her mouth, and carefully put the bowl in her hand to her child’s mouth. It was like holding a daughter, fear, expectation and worry in the downtown area.
The comatose man has been eating normally. The woman eagerly looked at her husband, Liu Qingyun. When she saw this, she gently pointed to the place where Wang Ren’ an was in a coma. The woman successfully poured the bowl of water into her son’s mouth.

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