Although one hundred yuan LingShi some dreary exercise.
But if he can reach Qingyun County safely, he will have more opportunities to get more Yuanlingshi!
After half a month, Su Mo arrived in Longyuan City.
I haven’t seen Longyuan City change much for decades.
Is a few guards at the door after seeing Sue ink first leng immediately face big change!
Most monks in the city witnessed the Battle of Longyuan City.
What’s more, Su Mo has made a big noise in recent years, and it’s even more prosperous to destroy two major bandits a year ago.
Many guards look terrified when they see Su Mo coming and forget to charge Su Mo to enter the city.
Su Mo smiled and took out one thousand grains of condensate Yuan Dan and stuffed it into the hands of a guard, saying, "Excuse me, token."
The guard consciousness backward two steps, eyes alert pause a little before throwing a token back to Su Mo.
Su Mo took the token to avoid the boat. He went straight to the duke’s house to prepare to pay Yuan Lingshi and left immediately.
He made an enemy in Liu Tong, Longyuan City
If you let Liu Tong know that he has entered the city again, some changes will probably happen.
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and five flank
Soon after Sumo entered the city, many guards reacted.
A guard hurriedly took out a message from the bag and wrote a sentence. He threw it away and disappeared into a streamer.
After Su Mo entered the city, many people recognized him and caused a stir.
He regarded the people’s amazing eyes as rushing all the way towards the front, and it didn’t take long for him to arrive at the duke’s house.
There are ten guards on both sides of the gate of the castellan’s mansion.
Su Mo said to a tall and thin guard in front of him, "I want to borrow the array to leave Longyuanxing for Qingyun County."
The castellan mansion these guards guarding this place all the year round will hardly leave.
In those days, these people didn’t go to the city wall to watch the World War I in Sumo Longyuan City, and they never saw Sumo.
Even if I heard Su Mo’s name, I couldn’t recognize it.
The tall and thin guard looked at Su Mo and saw that the latter was the seventh-order Xuanxian. He couldn’t help but sneer slightly. "You have to pay 100 yuan Lingshi to send it to the array. Can you take it out!"
It seems to him that even the leaders in Longyuan City are not necessarily able to take out 100 yuan Lingshi.
Su Mo didn’t argue and took out a bag that had been prepared for a long time, which would reveal one hundred yuan Lingshi.
Several guards saw clearly when their eyes swept away, and they all showed surprise.
At present, this humble seventh-order Xuanxian can take out a hundred yuan Lingshi!
The greedy color in the eyes of tall and thin guards passes by.

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