Su Mo refused to sink directly without thinking. "You two just stay in the courtyard and don’t go anywhere!"
The realm of two people’s cultivation is not high, even if it is nothing to do with the past
Besides, Su Mo doesn’t want to let Tao Yao take risks again.
I’m afraid there is no place more secure than Gankun Courtyard in Shenxiao Fairyland.
"Male you …"
Tao Yao looked worried and awkward.
Red rainbow princess aside comfort way "you can rest assured that this time if there is a virtual hospital true brother to there won’t be any danger"
This is not the blind confidence of Princess Chihong.
No one dares to take the initiative to provoke him if he doesn’t say that he is walking sideways in the fairy land.
Unless there is a deep hatred, the real brother of the hospital rarely conflicts with his major world-class forces
And even if there is a fight, it is everyone’s own business, and there will be no fairy king to suppress the other party.
After all, there is a fairy king sitting behind the major day-level forces
If one side takes the initiative to break the balance, it is easy to escalate the situation out of control and turn it into a fairy king level war!
That’s not good for both sides. It’s not worth the loss.
Like Gankun Courtyard, there is a court patriarch sitting in the town to calculate the legacy policy.
It’s not natural for the patriarch of the same order to intervene, but it’s hard to hide it from the patriarch if the fairy king has a black hand against the true brother of the courtyard!
"Let’s go"
Sue ink said a draw toward the outside.
He won’t disturb Wu Daozun if he has to break the law unless he has to.
The two true bodies practice independently, and everyone has different opportunities and Tao.
If everything is going to disturb Wudao Zun, then he doesn’t have to practice this violet.
What’s more, if the two real bodies often appear in the same place, it will certainly arouse suspicion.
A thousand years ago, Wu Daozun was caught by Xianyun Bamboo after running around in the Jade Fairyland and making a scene.
If you come here a few times, even a simple-minded person like Sister Mo Qing will notice the problem between them.
It wasn’t long before Sumo and Chihong Princess arrived in front of the courtyard mountain.
Yang Rexu and three true brothers have been waiting at the entrance of the mountain.
Yang Rexu sank in the previous step and said, "Let me introduce these three are pure and true immortals, floating and shining, and true immortals. All three of them are true brothers."
These three true immortals give off breath, and Yang Re’s appearance is almost the same.
Not surprisingly, all three of them should belong to the first phase of the true fairy
Su Mo didn’t think too much. Anyway, it’s a great kindness for him that the three senior brothers are willing to help.
"Sumo meets three senior brothers"
Su Mo hurriedly bowed before.
Although he is the registered brother of the patriarch of the hospital, after all, he has not officially entered the gate, and his status is even more true.
China all day three people looked at Sue ink eyes with a hint of scrutiny.
"Are you Sumo?"
Pure true fairy said inexplicably, "You have made a splash in your hospital these years."
The tenth step of the condensed heart ladder alarmed the nine elders, and the fact that the patriarch of the school visited the registered brother made Su Mo’s school famous.
Many of my brothers have never seen him, but they have all heard his name.
"dare not"
Su Mo cautiously replied.
Yang Rexu said, "Let’s go now. Don’t be too late. What’s wrong?"
"no hurry"
Hua shook his head all day. "There are some things to be settled before going."
"What do you mean?"
Yang Rexu frown asked.
Huacheng Tiandao: "We don’t beat around the bush and come straight to the point and say that we want the three of us to help. We don’t want one more person and one more fruit!"
Yang Ruoxu frowned and asked, "What do you mean, three senior brothers?"
The floating fairy laughed. "Brother Yang, our Sumo has no friendship, but it’s not too much to pay for the friendship with the same family, is it?"
"Just now, I really promised to give you enough weight yuan Lingshi reward and you agreed."
Yang Ruoxu suppressed his anger and said, "It’s not too ugly for you to open your mouth again and worry about eating!"
"Brother Yang, pay attention to your words!"
Hua looked cold all day and said, "Your brother Yuehua doesn’t know everyone in the hospital that the three of us are willing to help you. It’s natural to take a lot of risks and ask for more pay!"
The floating light is really immortal. "And this trip is definitely not simple. Maybe there will be something dangerous, otherwise you can find the three of us alone."
Pure true fairy looked at Su Mo and smiled gently. "Teacher Su, what we want is not too much. You must have been worried about saving Teacher Yang."
Red rainbow infanta, after all, is a younger brother, but it is not easy to talk, even though she is angry in her heart.
Su Mo suddenly smiled and nodded, but he didn’t hide his calm way: "My body does have sorrow and fruit."
China all day three people shine at the moment.

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