"This difference is a bit old, not a new student. It seems that you have some big opportunities. You grasp it." Qin Mu Ye woke up again.
Sun Zhen was also a little surprised that it was not shown.
Qin Mu Ye’s perception is constantly spreading, and soon the whole difference will be accepted.
The Palace of the Man of God …’ Qin Mu Ye sensed that the palace in the different center seemed to be blocked by some force, and he was deciphering it.
In addition, there are 100 statues of soldiers, armor, bronze guards and formed a defense.
There seems to be a legacy of Long Mai, and this beam and column carving is a dragon and snake god.’
There’s a lot of energy around, but it’s very weak, with some kind of dead air, but it’s enduring.’
Qin Mu Ye suspects that this extraordinary probability is related to the dragon and snake gods or, more simply, this is what happened when the emperor killed the dragon and snake gods.
You know, Xijing was the emperor’s idea, and then it lasted for thirty-five dynasties, making it the ancient capital of thirty-six highest days.
Chapter 634 Do you still dare to argue with me?
There is a lot of noise in the bus, and some people want to leave and stick to the rescue. Of course, there is also a lot of entanglement.
"Let’s not talk about the car first, but it’s urgent," Qin Mu Ye said.
This anomaly is not much different from the original quotations, and the disaster level is not very good to predict. Because it is not harmful, it is probably that the beta anomaly left by predecessors in ancient times is enough, but it contains secrets but does not allow beta value.
There’s a secret hidden in it, and there’s a high probability that you can get an Omega-level anomaly
Sun Zhen naturally didn’t want to stay, so naturally he got up decisively and got up so aboveboard.
With people taking the lead, a few young people naturally followed the car in a hurry, but not with Sun Zhen and Qin Mu Ye, but they were wary of choosing a direction.
Look at that smug appearance and don’t feel that there is something wrong with your behavior.
On the contrary, Yu and others did not leave, but left the car. It seems that they are going to bring the bus base. At present, they are discussing what to do next.
Yes, it’s still a little confusing, but it has stopped a lot because someone left.
"You just urged me to leave because the official organization is coming, right?" Sun Zhen hesitated and said again
"Well, that’s true." Qin Mu Ye didn’t hide it. "You also learned to think. You probably have to ask me what to do before."
"People will grow up." Sun Zhen was forced to grow up. If it doesn’t grow up, it will be cold. "But I still have to ask what clues do you have to look at this leisurely walk?"
"Yes, I found the emperor’s 100 bronze soldiers," said Qin Mu Ye.
"Pay day hundred soldiers cast tong ren? So Huang Yuanying is here? " Sun Zhen couldn’t help breath in a gasp and said
Qin Mu Ye has a black line. Everything has a leading role aura. Why do you still gasp? Look at that. It’s almost scary.
"I just know it didn’t take long for me." Qin Mu Ye also really just confirmed that the one hundred bronze statues of armored soldiers in the previous perception are normal in size. If you really want to pay for the casting of hundreds of soldiers in the day, it will be made by the mainframe armor, not a hundred kinds of weapons, but the people who privately cast a weapon.
When the emperor unified and swept away the famine, there were many remnants left behind, which led to this.
It’s also very simple to cast these 100 bronze soldiers with so many weapons. This thing is small, but its quality is at least not inferior to that of the clay figurine array in Tai ‘a Palace. However, the two formations are different and have their own strengths.
For Sun Zhen, this is definitely a tough battle, very hard and hard.
They walked for nearly three hours, and Qin Mu Ye Road also received a lot of energy. The reaction was that the spattered flesh and blood residue contained suspected divine energy after inspection.
According to the comparison between the dragon and snake gods, it can be confirmed that these small flesh and blood residues with energy reaction are indeed this unlucky person, so it is confirmed that this palace of the man of God is where the dragon and snake gods lived. In those days, the emperor should have killed each other here and then chose Xijing as his capital.
Previously, Xijing was supposed to be a place where dragons and snakes were worshipped.
However, there are still many doubts. When the emperor killed the dragon snake god, the palace of the man of God had to be cleaned up even if it was not owned by him. These remnants of blood and meat are also good things.
It should have been a hasty evacuation in those days, but how can this hundred bronze soldiers explain it?’
No matter how hasty the evacuation is, it’s impossible to leave this thing behind. This armored copper man alone is equivalent to a nuclear bomb. If you really want to give up, it must be a huge loss and you have to take it away.
At the beginning, killing the dragon and snake gods must have been owned by the emperor. The upper limit for these 100 bronze statues was set.
More importantly, it doesn’t look like damage. It’s running normally and protecting the Palace of the Man of God.
"Are the 100 bronze soldiers of Daxie sure they are not parallel imports?" Sun Zhen looked not far away and guarded the Palace of the Man of God. At that time, it was hard to believe that Tongren was not shocked but completely different from his ideas. After all, his former ideas were almost less demanding than Qin Mu Ye’s.
The result is not only small, but also normal.

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