He really wants to call the two representatives together and let them discuss who represents who. It’s not too late to negotiate after the results are obtained.
Chapter 1461 Limited response
The delegation to Beidu is not only in Washington and Europe, but also in other countries. It is different from sending people to Beidu when they have the strength, regardless of whether Beidu will answer or not.
There are still some powerful forces in those countries that don’t have the strength, that is, the immortals cross the sea to show their magical powers. There are ways to send words to the north, and there are also quiet links. In a word, if you can get the track ladder, what conditions are there for the north?
There are not only Al Qaeda members, but also many small countries that remain today.
For a while, the North seemed to be as busy as the United Nations General Assembly. It was not surprising that people were sent over, but they became different.
The most surprising thing is that Mao also sent a delegation and won the track ladder … North almost didn’t laugh. His country either has a spaceship or the moon has a floor, and there is a place on the equator where Mao fart didn’t follow. What’s the fun?
But Mao doesn’t think so. They don’t have the equator but have the North Pole. There is no spaceship, but there are great things in the north. If you don’t want money, you can take resources.
Moreover, money and resources are not the bottom line. If the North doesn’t agree, they are willing to exchange South Siberia for orbital ladders and spaceships. Everything is always easy to discuss.
The gross condition seems to have suffered a big loss, but the actual root is not the case.
Most of Mao’s population is in Europe, and Siberia is vast and sparsely populated. It is almost barren to lose the territory here, which is not a big deal for Mao.
But on the other hand, once you get the track ladder, you get the ticket to Tai Club, which is what Mao has been dreaming of for more than ten years. For Mao, no matter what the cost, he will make a fortune.
Mao is very confident about his own conditions. They believe that even if Beidu refuses, it will be amazing for a while. Add more territory and Beidu will eat the whole of Siberia.
Mao’s condition is really too generous, and Beidu almost agreed to Mao’s condition.
It’s a joke. It was lost more than 100 years ago, and now it’s back from Mao’s hand. Is this a proper way to expand the territory? This is destined to go down in history, okay?
But reason finally overcame the impulse, and Beidu reluctantly refused to give the track ladder to Mao.
It’s not that Beidu still wants to restrict Mao, but it’s too important to give a rail ladder at this juncture. Even if it is sold, it will cause countless criticisms. If it is not right, it may directly nail the historical shame. Who dares to agree to Mao’s condition?
Besides, Beidu knows Mao well. Don’t look at the hype now. Once Mao’s plan succeeds, what will happen in the end?
A powerful Mao is not in the interests of Beidu, and a Mao who enters the era of Tai is even more harmful to the common interests of Beidu and Al Qaeda. No matter what the eye looks at it, Mao can’t be given any chance.
Perhaps Mao himself knew the result and offered the wonderful condition of changing territory into tracks at any cost. They really didn’t expect Beidu to actually reject this condition. Even if they put more than half of Siberia at the negotiating table, the negotiators showed no signs of letting go.
Beidu not only rejected Mao, but also other countries, and will never sell the track ladder unless China no longer needs it.
It is both a coincidence and an accident that more and more delegations from Beidu inevitably came into contact. Originally, all the delegations were secret, and finally they went together in secret.
Everyone is bound to take the initiative to compete for the track ladder, or they may want to scare off competitors. Like a gambler who lost his eyes, Mao directly turned the cards and announced the final conditions for the territory to change the track ladder
At that time, many countries were in uproar, but some countries were also inspired by Mao Zedong. Isn’t that territory? Mao can afford it as much as they can afford it!
Many countries are infested by giant worms, but the nominal territory is still there!
At that time, the negotiators of Beidu received more than a dozen applications for changing the track ladder in the territory. If Beidu nodded, it would be four or five million square kilometers immediately.
Unfortunately, there is no more territory than before, and there is no time to manage with the population.
Countries found that the North refused to agree, and they were in a hurry to exchange terms. People who regressed again and again exchanged everything for making it. Later, they simply made it part of it. Until the end, they simply asked the North to help transport a group of important personnel and materials. It was not a problem for the North to nod, whether it was to spend money on it or to take the goods as the top.
No one is a fool. When it comes to this share, even if the hair is white, we can’t talk about territory any more.
The exchange between the two sides is not equal, but it can’t be too outrageous. Just send a few people and exchange territory. What international joke?
Can’t you just go to Washington for such a generous offer? It’s all about exchanging territory for who, not for who?
Things have developed to this point, and the situation is getting out of control. The North has repeatedly thought that it can’t go on like this, and it is better to block it than to soften it.
Therefore, Beidu revised its negotiation strategy and secretly accepted some national conditions and commitments, and these countries provided high-level guarantees when necessary.
The common feature of these countries is that some of them are weak and weak, and they simply stay in exile in the northern capital
There are also some countries that have partially agreed to them. The common feature is that they demand more, and they all agree to the right conditions, so they will worry about the rest.
Yu Yu didn’t really refuse, but he finally assumed a rigid appearance of noncommittal.
A joke is to accept refuge, but you must first look at what comes near, and you can’t accept it even if the baiwenhang is killed.
Ten fingers sticking out are long or short, not to mention the country … Although interests are the foundation, the foundation has to be something, right?
But all the countries that got the promise kept it secret and tried their best to keep this big secret. Beidu has promised to more than a dozen countries, but on the surface, none of them came out to announce the good news, and they still pretended to get nothing. Everyone looked indignant.
Chapter 1462 Island dusk
West bank of buha island

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