Li Yan laughed. "My wife is still charming. Do you have to treat me well today as a punishment today?"
Yuan Xiang nodded shyly.
Embroidered bamboo gnashing scold a way "this guy just left the old niang here? What’s the big deal about a bigger chest? Sooner or later, I will surpass her and I won’t play with you. I’m out. "
"Where are you going when it’s freezing outside?" Li Yan reached out and grabbed her and threw her into the bed directly.
Embroidered bamboo immediately charming smile "I knew you this guy wicked deathless or old niang today from your time to wait on you with my sister"
Li Yan was still drunk, and his blood was boiling at the moment. What reason can there be to speak of? The house is full of spring immediately.
When it’s all over, he looks refreshed and comfortable, holding his arms around him.
Chapter five hundred and seventeen A brief calm
Yuan Xiang was awake at the moment to know how ridiculous things were yesterday. Suddenly, Li Yan pinched her waist severely. "I knew that getting my body to cultivate one’s morality for decades was destroyed by you."
Embroidered bamboo also opened her eyes, and she recalled, "Yesterday, it seems that my sister made a louder noise. My sister has covered her mouth for a long time."
"That … which have my body can’t remember anything" yuan xiang qiao face reddish.
Embroidered bamboo said, "Ask this guy if you don’t believe me."
Li Yan laughed. "Okay, okay, let’s stop for a while. After today, there is a family behind us, but yesterday you really dared to do anything."
"Hum, it’s not enough for you to take advantage of this guy. You want the two of us to serve you together. I’m tired and have a rest first." Embroidered bamboo hummed and then shrank into his arms to rest.
Embroidered bamboo blushed and didn’t dare to look up. She thought she was also a good woman. I didn’t expect to be so wild yesterday that I didn’t refuse to ask two people to serve together. All this embroidered bamboo was seen.
"Li Lang, don’t allow my body to disobey you."
Li Yan kissed the pretty face. "Let’s talk about it again. Now Amen is in danger of collapse at any time. The three of us are destined to come together. Now we can still regret it day by day."
"Is there anything wrong with Li Lang?" Yuan Xiang’s face is dignified.
"Ha ha, you all know that Amen is now temporarily protected by the enchantment, but there are also several means of magic that can’t be used. When will it break the enchantment and rush in? It’s hard to say if the three of us can still live …"
But haven’t talk yuan Xiang and pack to sleep embroidered bamboo suddenly stretched out his hand over his mouth.
Li Yan grinned. "It seems that you two are in heart."
"I just dislike smelly mouth." Embroidered bamboo hummed back and turned around, unwilling to talk to you.
Yuan Xiang smiled and pointed his finger at the man’s lips. "Li Lang will be fine. My body is still waiting to be Li Lang’s wife. Didn’t we agree that we would get married after returning to the Tang Dynasty to visit my father?"
"Well," Li Yan nodded and suddenly gave me a bad smile, and then with a mouth, he bit this slender finger on the tip of his tongue and gently slid his arm around her hand, which was also dishonest to hold up the stalwart on his chest.
Feeling the fiery eyes of Ailang, Yuan Xiang immediately got the message. She hesitated to look at the embroidered bamboo and shook her head.
However, Li Yan didn’t stop. Instead, she would turn over and be the same as in a peaceful day. "How can you be a saint with a wife?"
"If you can’t help it, I’ll wait on my body once." Yuan Xiang Jiaochen glanced at him and wrapped his legs around the man’s waist to make it easier for him to act.
Embroidered bamboo, who was pretending to sleep, felt the powerful movement of the man next to him and couldn’t help biting his lip and cursing, "This guy really treats me like I can’t. I have to stop them."
It’s more fun than stopping.
After draining the last strength, the three of them finally couldn’t help sleeping in the past. When they woke up, it was already late at night. They understood each other and looked at each other with pleasure and satisfaction, and then they returned to their usual clothes. Of course, they can’t do this. After all, it is human nature for wives and concubines to love each other
In the next few days, Li Yan was very idle. In addition to spending time with his wife every night, he paid attention to the magical things outside the enchantment, because he was always worried that these magical things would break the enchantment and rush out and kill them on a large scale. He always felt insecure.
Embroidered bamboo is very impolite. It is an alarmist to scold Li Yan. daydreaming enchantment can easily nullify what magic things can be broken. Of course, the price of this insult is that the inconvenience of walking the next day makes Yuan Xiang charming smile. I didn’t expect the two to have such an interesting contest.
But embroidered bamboo’s temper is getting worse and worse. Except for Yuan Xiang’s diffuseness, it’s almost ready to fight Li Yan. Although Yuan Xiang will mediate aside, it won’t do anything, but it’s only during the day. At night, this embroidered bamboo has become a continuous and dedicated service. Let him vent his anger during the day.
Yuan Xiang also praised this embroidered bamboo hook up with men in her heart.
During this period, Li Yan and these two women’s feelings have also gone by leaps and bounds, and many barriers have gradually disappeared, almost to the point of tacit understanding.
The original Li Yan doesn’t have much affection for embroidered bamboo, but these days, he found that this woman is not bad. Although her mouth is a little poisonous, sometimes she carries herself and Yuan Xiang together, but she also loves and hates each other. Although she didn’t say anything, she occasionally showed that kind of love eyes, but she was hotter than anyone else.
Although three people fall asleep together every day, Li Yan is still very strict in urging embroidered bamboo to practice during the day and also gave her a life-saving meteor crossbow.
"You can do it easily even if you want to kill me with a meteor crossbow. I remember you before, but I kept saying that I would take my life." Li Yan laughed
Embroidered bamboo after taking the meteor crossbow grunted, "That’s because I changed my mind in the former heart. I’ve made a bet with Yuan Xiang to see who will have your baby first. After I win him, you won’t have any value. Then I’ll pick you up."
"You’d better be so duplicitous. You’ll know the benefits of this thing when you practice shooting a meteor crossbow. I’ll go to the master’s place and don’t be lazy." Li Yan waved and looked at Yuan Xiang, who was returning home to rest, and then disappeared into the snow outside.
Embroidered bamboo looked at the giant crossbow in his hand and grunted, "Practice and practice one day, and then deal with you specially, so as to save you this guy from humiliating my mother all day."
It’s been several days, and the people who were injured in the Taiamen War have improved their basic strength and barely recovered a little bit, but this is still not optimistic.
Li Yan looked at the enchantment, and it was still dark outside. They seemed to have made up their minds to trap this place to death.
"The caged bird, this enchantment has trapped himself and others, whether it is blocking the magic, and there is no news of the invasion of the Tang Dynasty today. I don’t know how long it will take to leave this terrible place, and maybe I can’t live without it in my life." Just looking at him, his mood became dignified, and his psychological endurance was poor, and the monk lost his fighting spirit all day.
Chapter five hundred and ten The mission of the three sects
It is only a matter of time before Tai Amen, who has been trapped for a few days, permeates a negative atmosphere. It seems to them that even if this enchantment can stop the magic attack, there is no hope of repelling it. Since it can’t beat this place to death, it is only a matter of time.
Duan Muyu, the head of the company, is as busy as a bee these days. He has to deal with Daimon Masaru’s big and small things and always guard against the attack of possessed objects.
The leaders of several major sects in the discussion hall have gathered again.
"Now, you leaders must have understood that the magic weapon was set up this time to destroy our department. Seven days have passed, and the number of magic weapons has not dispersed, but it has increased or decreased. Although I stayed in front of Taia Gate to ward off these magic weapons attacks, it is also temporary. If we don’t want a countermeasure, we will bury it here sooner or later." Duanmuyu rubbed his head and sighed.
Dark Qiuqi, the head of the Evil Sect of Heaven, was silent for a while. "Yesterday, the elders in our sect reported back that the Evil Sect of Heaven had been destroyed, except for a few disciples who escaped, and all the people left were estimated to have died in the hands of the evil spirits."
"what!" DuanMuYu surprised "out? How is it possible that your evil sects have been destroyed after thousands of years of sects? Didn’t my great Amen stall most magical things? "
Although on weekdays, he is eager to be destroyed, but at the moment, if there is one sect missing near this million mountains, it will be even worse if there is one form of assistance missing.
"Ha ha Duanmuyu, don’t forget to help you. Amen, my God. Most of the elite have been dispatched to help you keep this place and protect my God. Now it seems that it is because of this. Today, I just pick my words. My brother will not help you fight against evil again. When I am ready, I will break out and leave this place," said Dark Qiuqi.
DuanMuYu one leng didn’t expect at this time since dark QiuJi backed out, pull the devil to help him. Too Amen is not a small price, but if you think about it, it makes sense. What are you doing here when the sects are destroyed? He said with a guilty face, "I don’t want to force you. Let me know when you leave, and I’ll give you an enchantment to send you out."
"I’m not going to stay in Lingyun Gate if I want to go," said the head of Lingyun Gate.
"This ….. Brother, you don’t seem to be destroyed by Lingyun Gate, do you want to leave?" Duanmuyu was surprised.
Long looked at the outside, you can still see a magic thing flying around the enchantment from a distance away. He withdrew his eyes and said, "If you stay here, you will have to fight for your money sooner or later. I have suffered a lot, and now I can’t see the hope of victory. It’s time to rebuild Lingyun Gate in the future. Leave some strength in that sect. I have already told the elders in the gate to move some brothers and leave some top fighting power. It won’t be a problem if they rebuild Lingyun Gate."
Dark Qiu Qi smiled wryly. "I didn’t expect that among our three sects, it turned out that my brother had the longest vision. I had already planned a successful cause before fighting. Did my brother think that we couldn’t win those magic things at that time?"
"It’s not true that I had the idea of moving the mountain gate long ago. Although there are abundant materials near millions of mountains, medicinal herbs and wild animals and minerals are not lacking in anything, you two sects are entrenched, especially Tai Amen, which occupies the best area. In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of Tai Amen’s strength, I have been threatened. Before that, several elders negotiated to find a new place to make the mountain gate."
Speaking of this, I suddenly glanced at the two ladies. "And don’t the two heads think there is something strange about the area where our three sects live?"

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